At Totley All Saints, we are proud of our Curriculum and have worked hard to ensure that it meets all of the requirements of the New National Curriculum, whilst also meeting the needs of our amazing children!

At the heart of our curriculum is the fundamental intent that happy learners make life-long learners and we are determined to do as much as possible to enable our children to fully enjoy their childhood. We want children to be able to learn skills and apply them creatively, further their knowledge and understanding of the world, develop positive attitudes, plus fulfil their unique and individual potential.

In designing and implementing our curriculum, we feel that we have just the right mix of enrichment, independence, collaboration and inquiry. We believe that it is broad and balanced, is underpinned by effective programme of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development and sufficiently prepares our children for life in modern Britain.

In terms of the impact, our results show that our children, whilst being of many different abilities and backgrounds, do very well indeed!

Whole School Long Term Curriculum Plan

To see the curriculum plan for each subject area, please click here.

We are also proud of our teaching in Reading and aim to ensure that every child leaves us not only with the necessary reading skills but also with a love of reading for life! In our school, we see Reading as a fantastic ‘gateway’ for learning which allows children to access all other aspects of the curriculum as well as build up a wide and varied vocabulary to be able to express themselves.

In order to improve Reading across the school, we take our children on termly visits to the local library, have our own whole school library and individual class ‘Reading Corner’ libraries. We have Reading Volunteers who read 1:1, home/school reading record books for all children, Book Bags for our youngest, Book Buddies (older pupils reading with younger ones) plus daily readers for vulnerable readers in KS1 (infants).

Our biggest focus on Reading however is our daily ‘Book Club’ (a daily guided reading slot with a vast collection of amazing new reading books and various interactive reading activities) as well as holding an annual Book Week (coinciding with World Book Day and involving lots of amazing activities and competitions).

We also have a weekly library session after school, plus a session where parents are invited to read in the Woodland Workshop with their children for a Wild Read! 

The school uses a Banded Book Scheme set up by Sheffield Schools Library Service rather than a single reading scheme and uses various forms of assessment including Benchmarking in order to judge a child’s level in Reading.

If you would like to help your children with reading, then please click to download our booklets with lots of helpful tips:

Helping Your Child with Reading

Parents Booklet for Developing Skills at Greater Depth

To find out more about how we teach Reading, please click to link to our English Curriculum page.

The school also uses the Letters & Sounds Phonics System which provides daily speaking and listening activities moving onto fluent word reading skills. Letters & Sounds is delivered in discrete, daily sessions to our younger children, progressing from simple to more complex phonic knowledge and skills & encourages words to be segmented & blended into their constituent phonemes to read words.

At TASS, we want to ensure that all children move through the early stages of acquiring phonics and that they read texts which are entirely decodable for them in order that they experience success as well as learn to rely on theses phonemic strategies.

Please click to download the following documents:

Phonics Guide for Parents

TASS Book Week Parent Booklet

At TASS, we want all of our children to be a Reader – but also to be a Reader for life!

To find out more about how we teach Reading, please click to link to our English Curriculum page.

At Totley All Saints, we aim for all of our children to be amazing writers and want them to be able to express themselves and their creativity with confidence and skill.

We give our children lots of opportunity for writing in all areas of the curriculum and encourage our children to think carefully about the audience that they are writing for as well as what is aspects of writing they will need to produce high quality texts.

We have developed our very own ‘Fishing Tackle for Writing’ to ensure that we ‘reel the reader in’!  To download the Fishing Tackle for Writing booklets to help you help your child, please click on the following:

Fishing Tackle – Booklet Pages KS1

Fishing Tackle – Booklet Pages KS2

For other ways that you could help your child with Writing, please download the following booklets:

Writing Guide for Parents TASS KS1

Writing Guide for Parents TASS KS2

Writing Guide for Parents TASS Y2

Writing Guide for Parents TASS Y6

A key part of Writing is of course Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar (SPAG). If you would like to help your child with their SPAG or just get a feel for what the expectations are in each year group, then please download our SPAG Parent Booklets:

SPAG Parent Booklet KS1

SPAG Parent Booklet KS2

Each term, we have a Celebrating Writing Week in which we give the children greater opportunity to develop a particular piece that they can then share with others from different classes as well as invite parents in to read to. We also have a Celebrating Writing Winner for each class!

To find out more about how we teach Writing, please click to link to our English Curriculum page.

At Totley All Saints, we aim to equip all of our children with a love of learning and an inquiring mind. This is especially true of our maths teaching, through which we aim to give children the knowledge and skills they will need for an ever-changing world, in which fluency is Maths is key.

Our Maths curriculum is designed to focus on the mastery and fluency of arithmetic. We emphasise practice, fluency and fun! We plan opportunities for children to practice techniques in a wide variety of contexts, working through increasingly demanding problems, pitched to their own level, working with talk partners, Maths buddies, on their own, and with a teacher. We use Maths apparatus and practical/investigative approaches, as well as teaching formal methods of calculation. We encourage children to talk about and assess their own learning in Maths, and to understand what their next steps will be. In this way, children understand what they are learning and why.

Our newly revised Written Calculation Policy details the methods of calculation for each year group, and shows progression from year 1 through to year 6, using efficient methods in order to allow children to progress quickly. These have been shared with parents so that they may practice Maths at home, using the same methods learned in school. Learning displays reinforce these in class, and our recent Maths workshops were well attended, receiving positive feedback. Our termly Maths homework leaflet informs parents of the mental & oral objective for each week so that children may practise at home alongside their learning in school.

Click below to download each document:

TASS Calculation Posters – All Operations

Calculation posters Y1 & Y2

Calculation posters Y3 (1)

Calculation posters Y4-Y6

Maths at Greater Depth Parent Booklet

To find out more about how we teach Maths, please click to link to our Maths Curriculum page.

For further information, please download our Teaching and Learning Policy.

Teaching and Learning Policy