Merit Teams

At Totley All Saints, all of our children are divided into 4 teams: Ruby (red), Sapphire (blue), Emerald (green) and Diamond (yellow). All staff are also assigned a team which makes the competition very exciting!

Children learn and work hard to gain Merit Points (golden cards) for their teams through excellent behaviour, doing the right thing and showing fantastic attitudes towards learning! These are then all counted up by the Merit Captains on the last day of the week ready for the big announcement of how many each team has gained in assembly.

Points (ping pong balls) are added to the whole school points board – four for 1st, three for 2nd, two for 3rd and one for 4th.

The team that has won at the end of each term is announced, they receive the TASS Merit Cup and the team then gets to vote for their prepared Merit Treat (three special events are decided on by the School Council to choose from).

The children get very excited about their teams, Merits and treats! The added benefits are that our children genuinely look out for each other, learn to deal with friendly competition and develop excellent skills of team work & leadership!

Merit Captains

Merit Captains (one Y6 girl and one boy) are voted in for each team at the beginning of each year.

Y6 children who want to put themselves forwards prepare a short speech and present to their team members as part of a team meeting.

The rest of their team then vote and the Merit Captains are then decided. We have fantastic leaders in our school who do an amazing job!
The Team captains this year (2022-23) are:

Diamond: Zach Butcher and Charlotte Davies

Emerald: Fenella Wood and Jacob Adams

Ruby: Max Ross and Lola-Pearl Reid

Sapphire: Mia Steel and Joshua Holme