School Dinners & Milk

Our school meals are excellent – just ask our children!

They’re cooked fresh on site every day; they’re delicious, nutritious & served by fantastic staff who are an amazingly important part of our TASS family! The Catering Contract of the school is run by Taylor Shaw – a specialist to the Education market with over 20 years experience of providing great food to schools & colleges. Taylor Shaw’s focus is on quality fresh food & they source ingredients as locally as possible to provide varied and exciting menus that all of our children can enjoy. Menus are designed through a deep knowledge of what our children enjoy as well as what our School Council have fed back to Taylor Shaw during interviews.

If your child has any allergies or special needs, then please let school know in order that we can ensure that your child is well catered for at lunchtime.

To see how Taylor Shaw safeguards allergen / dietary information under GDPR, please click: 

TS Medical Diet Privacy Notice

The TASS School Council recently met with Claire Spencer, our school cook, & with Bev Coulton, the Area Manager for Taylor Shaw, in order to carry out taste tests for the new school menu. They just LOVED it!

Sometimes, the menu will be slightly different due to a special ‘one-off’ themed day. Our children really enjoy these & often cite them as their favourites – alongside the puddings of course!

We operate a banding system whereby children opt for their choice of meal during register in order that they won’t be disappointed & find that all of that particular meal has gone if they are late for lunch due to going to a club, etc. . The bands are as follows & correspond to the colours shown on the current menu.

  • Red band = Main course

  • Green band = Vegetarian option

  • Orange band = Jacket potato

  • Blue band = Cheese Sandwich

  • Purple band = Tuna Sandwich 

  • Yellow band = Ham Sandwich

Hot meals cost £2.40 each day and can be paid for by cash, cheque or “+Pay” via Parent Mail. Please speak to the school office for any detail concerning payment.

If your child eats a packed lunch, then our Healthy Snacks page may be of interest.

Whole School Food Policy