Homework & Supporting Your Child

At Totley All Saints, we believe that the education of your child is a partnership and want your child to enjoy and progress in their learning whilst being supported from every angle!

In order to help you help your child, we would encourage you to read with your child on a daily basis, help and support them with their homework as well as make learning fun in everyday ways as they grow and experience new things.


Whilst the government no longer prescribes a set amount of time for homework, the benefits of parental help with homework have long been acknowledged.

Homework should never be seen as something which limits family time & opportunities for play and sport. What we want is for parents and school to work together to help our children in a relaxed and fun manner in order to boost our children’s overall confidence & progress. The old guidelines used to suggest an hour a week for five to seven-year-olds, gradually rising to 2.5 hours per night for pupils aged between 14 and 16.

At Totley All Saints, we like our children to read at least 3 pages of their reading book on at least 5 evenings out of the week, to complete given spelling and Maths tasks as well as to do an optional home learning project over the term (teachers will give half termly information on this as part of their Curriculum Newsletters).

We never want our children to be stressed by homework, however, and class teachers are always available for any help, advice or to discuss any issues that you may have.

Home Reading & Spellings

Home Reading is so very important! At Totley All Saints, we aim to ensure that every child leaves us not only with the necessary reading skills but also with a love of reading for life! Please see our Curriculum page for more information on Reading and what we do to foster its enjoyment.

You can also download our parent booklets on Helping Your Child With Reading (for all year groups) and Helping Your Child with Reading Parents Booklet for Higher Level (for Y6 or more able children).

Helping Your Child with Reading

Helping Your Child with Higher Level Reading

You can also download some high frequency word sheets and flashcards used in school, which you can print off for use at home.

High Frequency words for Reading and Spelling

Next 200 High Frequency Words for Reading and Spelling

Phase 2-5 Flashcards

200A Flashcards

200B Flashcards

200C Flashcards

Some of these resources may be useful as a way of giving your child extra support at home in a fun way!

Tutpup for maths (tables and number bonds at all levels) and spellings.

Topmarks covers most subject areas.

Primary Games for maths and maths and literacy.

Teaching Tables (subscription needed).

Play Kids Games general online educational games.

BBC Schools has lots of ideas, such as typing (dancemat typing), bitesize, words and pictures, raw (ideas for developing reading and writing).

Phonics Play interactive games with letter sounds.

Spell Anywhere – practise weekly spellings

Roy the Zebra – long vowel sounds games for example.

Maths Whizz – Virtual Online Tutor 

Maths is Fun – Maths activities

Speech Therapy Activities – speech and language help.

Special Needs Direct – Supporting children with special educational needs

Dyslexia Action – Supporting children with Dyslexia

Sweet Counter – Resources for special needs children.

Task Master online – various resources

Bright Minds – educational toys & games

Learning Resources – social, emotional, speech & language, motor, sensory, visual

Learning Development Aids – most special needs.

Primary Teaching – rewards.

Space Kraft – multi-sensory learning.

Dyslexic.com – literacy, memory, typing.

Cross Bow Education – Literacy and handwriting.

Power of Two – Maths.

Black Sheep Press – speech and language.

Anything Left Handed – resources for left handed children.