Choosing the right Primary School for your child is one of the most important decisions that you as a parent will ever make. Because not every school is right for every child, it is very important to come and have a look around in order to really get a feel for if s/he will fit.

At Totley All Saints, we don’t have open days, but prefer to give the personal touch and would love to show you around our lovely school!
Please give us a call so that we can make you & your child welcome!

Just ten reasons (there are so many more) as to why you should make TASS your first choice of school…

Do you want a school where:

  1. Children are happy, loved & well cared for?
  2. Pupils are supported as part of our TASS family to achieve their personal, unique & amazing potential?
  3. Children are known by name to everyone else due to there being just one class in each year group & no mixed age classes?
  4. There is a tangible feeling of excitement, confidence & a love of learning across school?
  5. The environment includes expansive green spaces, play areas, a forest school & the curriculum has a massive emphasis on outdoor as well as indoor learning?
  6. Pupils attainment is ‘exceptionally high’& ‘all groups including disadvantaged, those who have special educational needs & the most able make rapid progress.’ (OFSTED)
  7. Children succeed in all areas & have wider enrichment opportunities through: music, performance, sport, visits, visitors, residentials, global & charitable events, focus days & weeks?
  8. ‘Pupils are extremely well prepared for the next stage of their education.’ (OFSTED) & develop as excellent citizens of the world through a fantastic programme of Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development?
  9. Every aspect of school (five out of five) was judged as outstanding by OFSTED?
  10. The present serving Headteacher is the same one who was judged under the school’s last OFSTED inspection?

If your answer is yes, then you need to choose us!

Applying for a Place:

The Sheffield City Council website has a dedicated section giving information for parents on applying for place at a primary school – please click here.

To apply for a place at Totley All Saints Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School you will need to fill in exactly the same form that you would if applying for a place at any community school (as seen on the Sheffield City Council website):

Application Form to Apply for Primary School

If you are applying on the basis of church attendance however, you should also ask your Minister to complete a Supplemental Information Form Sheffield Diocese (please note that this form is not required if you do not attend church). Whilst this form would give your child a greater chance of getting a place, please don’t worry if you can’t fill out this form. Not being a church goer will not prevent your children from having a place at our school!

Supplemental Information Form Sheffield Diocese

Unlike a community school where the City Council Admissions Department makes the decision on admissions, Totley All Saints is a Voluntary Aided Church of England school, so therefore the responsibility lies with the school Governing Body to rank the applications according to our admissions criteria. Please find the school’s Admission Policy (which includes the ranking criteria) below.

Admission Policy 2024-2025

Admission Policy 2025-2026

In-Year Admissions

At Totley All Saints, we participate in the Local Authority’s Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for in-year admissions. If a parent of a child on our roll wishes to apply for a transfer to another school, then they must obtain a transfer form from the school for completion of Section 2. The application must then be sent to the Local Authority which will process the application on the parent’s behalf. The Local Authority will confirm the outcome of the application in writing within 15 school days. If the application is refused, the Local Authority will advise on the statutory appeal procedure. Details of the Co-ordinated Admission Scheme and how in-year applications are managed can be seen at

Families New to the City

For families that are new to the City, they should contact the Children Missing Education Team at or 0114 273 6462 to arrange an appointment to make an admission application.

Myth #1

Do I have to be a Christian or attend church to apply for a place?

Reality: You don’t have to be a Christian or attend church to apply for a place. We welcome all children (of any and no faith) and less than half of the children at our school come from Christian families.

Myth #2

I do go to church but it’s not the parish church (All Saints, Totley). Does that matter?

Reality: If you are applying on the basis of church attendance, any church which participates in “Churches Together in England” is recognised. Our Admissions area covers the parishes of Totley & Dore.

Myth #3

I don’t live in Totley.

Reality: As a Church of England school, we can actually take children out of our catchment area of Dore & Totley unlike a community school which can only take children from inside the catchment area. Living in the parish of Totley or Dore will rank an application slightly higher than living outside the parish, but this is not a barrier to applying, see Myth #4.

Myth #4

Will I definitely get a place? Aren’t you always oversubscribed?

Reality: School admission applications vary from year to year. However, since 2010 (years we have data available), the vast majority who have put our school as their first choice has been offered a place. This is not a guarantee that the same outcome will continue to occur, it is only offered as a guide.

The best thing to do is be absolutely honest & put down your top three schools in the order that you & your child would prefer! If you don’t get your first choice, you will probably get your second.