Brilliant Behaviour at TASS

We are extremely proud of the high standards of behaviour in our school! We work hard to ensure that children learn how to behave & know how to live successfully together so that everyone can be happy.

We have a policy of positive behaviour & believe in rewarding children to build their self esteem & guide them in the right direction towards becoming the very best that they can be!

We have four Merit Teams: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire & Emerald and children are given merit points for following the rules & helping each other. We also have a half termly treat afternoon for the winning team! The teams are headed up by Y6s (a boy & girl captain for each team) who have been voted in as good role models & ambassadors.

Behaviour Policy 2023-24

Our TASS Rules are easy to remember & easy to follow so that children can be successful at our school:

1. Follow Instructions;
2. Listen Carefully;
3. Work Hard;
4. Respect Others;
5. Keep Safe

Our policy outlines the steps we take to support children to meet the high expectations we have.

We reward fantastic learning behaviours at TASS & have a superstar learner each week from each class who is given a certificate in assembly & has their name published in our weekly newsletter

In the unlikely event that behaviour leads to suspension or exclusion the school works fully in line with the Trust Exclusion Policy

DSAT Exclusion Policy 2023-24