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Outstanding_Colour_SchoolI am delighted to welcome you to the Totley All Saints website which should give you a flavour of all the amazing things that our children experience at our school!

Image result for rights respecting schoolTASS is extremely special & is well loved by its children, staff & parents! We seek to provide a top quality education, an extremely caring atmosphere & one where children can fully thrive & reach their full & amazing potential! We also want to ensure that the Rights of the Child (as detailed in the UN Convention) are at the forefront of all that we do so please check out our Vision Statement for all that we’re aiming to achieve.  

Please click to find just 10 Reasons to choose TASS for your child (there are actually many more)! Thankfully, our children think that our school is amazing too & the School Council came up with their own way of recording this called: How Cool is our School

OFSTED agreed with what we think & graded us as OUTSTANDING in 5 out of 5 areas!

If you would like to come & have a look to see what TASS can offer your child through a place at our school, then please give us a call – we look forward to hearing from you! 

Karole Sargent 

(Proud to be) Head teacher


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Image result for Anti-Bullying WeekAnti-Bullying Week

This week is Anti-Bullying Week where we will be focusing on what bullying is, what it isn’t & what we can do about it if it is happening. We will also be asking children to wear odd socks as part of ‘Odd Socks Day’ which is meant to be an opportunity for children to express themselves, celebrate their individuality and raise awareness around anti-bullying.  Every year, as you know, we send out our parent questionnaires & the question ‘Does this school deal effectively with bullying?’ is always the one with the most ’don’t know’ responses. Whilst this is good (as most parents don’t know because their child has never experienced it as an issue) we still want you as parents & carers to have full confidence that if it does happen, then it is dealt with effectively. Alongside the newsletter sent out today, we will also be re-sending our booklets: TASS is a Bully Free Zone & the No Touch Rule at TASS. These are our way of letting you know what our expectations are in terms of children not hurting others, but also detail what bullying is & (more importantly) what it isn’t. As a result of the work that we do in terms of reinforcing our high expectations, we are very proud to say that reports & issues of bullying are extremely rare (just one report last year that was actually found not to be bullying). Plus, often when investigated, what a child sees as bullying may actually be a misunderstanding, someone doing the wrong thing to hurt someone else as a one off incident or a falling out between friends. What is certain, however, that all situations can & are sorted out as long as we get to know about them! This week we will be reinforcing our message to ‘T-E-L-L — Tell!’ so please encourage your child — or let us know yourself — if ever there are any issues so that we can get things sorted early! To find out more about our Anti-Bullying Policy, please see our website under the ‘For Parents’ menu / Safety / Bullying.



We now have a new group of children that do a very important job for us as a school: The TASS CREW Council. The group is made up of children from Y4 to Y6 whose job it is to improve Religious Education & Collective Worship across our school. As such they have special TASS CREW Council badges to identify them so that they can take regular feedback from their classmates as well as children across the rest of the school. The children are: Jemimah Deakin, Jessica Camateras, Morgan Lancaster & Alex Radbourne-Harris from Y6; Gareth Evans, Phoebe Shipley, Eli Rose & Grace Osasu from Y5 and Jessica Rai, Isaac Rai, Alex Machin & Joseph Farrow from Y4. The Council will meet regularly with myself to discuss CREW matters including planning & leading assemblies, evaluating RE lessons plus developing new ways that we can build our Christian ethos as a church school. As a result, the TASS School Council will now be meeting with Mrs Brown (Deputy HT) rather than with myself. We just know that the TASS CREW Council are going to do an amazing job & all are very eager to get going on different projects across school. We’ll give you regular updates on how they’re getting along!


Image result for Wild ReadY3 Wild Read

It’s the next of our Wild Reads this week (Thursday) after school where the Y3s have invited in a special adult to accompany them to our Woodland Workshop & to read their favourite book around the campfire.


Image result for Maths Parent WorkshopsMaths Parent Workshops

Thank you to everyone who attended the Maths Parent Workshops last week to go through our Calculation Policy. This week sees the turn of the Y5 and Y6 on Wednesday 14th November plus Y3 on Thursday 15th November.  There will be games & activities going on plus resources & ideas for you to take home, so please join us! We look forward to seeing you!


Image result for Operation Christmas ChildOperation Christmas Child

This year, through a campaign called Operation Christmas Child we are joining other schools up and down the country in sending Shoe boxes packed with gifts to children in the world  who would otherwise not receive any gift this Christmas. It an opportunity for our children to learn about generosity, and to be  Global Neighbours in a very practical sense. If you would like to pack a box, please see the information leaflet sent on Parent Mail and ensure that boxes are brought into school by Friday 16th November.


Image result for lunch wrist bandsThis Week’s Menu is:

Week 2


Image result for Unicef Rights of the ChildThis Week’s Unicef Rights of the Child is Article 39:

All children who have suffered have the right to a safe place.


Diary Dates

  • Parent Prayer meeting, Mondays, 9:00-9:15am every week – all welcome.
  • Library open on Mondays afte rschool
  • Y4 Swimming lessons every Thursday
  • Anti-bullying Week: 12.11.18
  • Y3 Wild Read: 3:30-4:15pm: 12.11.18
  • Y5 & Y6 Maths Parent Workshop, 3:30-4:15pm: 14.11.18
  • Y3 Maths Parent Workshop, 3:30-4:15pm: 15.11.18
  • Children in Need Day: 16.11.18
  • Y5 bread making with Mrs Bly: 19.11.18
  • Outright Celebration of UNCRC
  • TASS School Council Meeting; 22.11.18
  • TASS Prayer Day: 23.11.18
  • Y6 Boys’ Bun sale talk in celebration Assembly: 23.11.18
  • Governors meeting, 6:30pm: 26.11.18
  • Mike Warren Assembly; 29.11.18
  • Y6 Boys’ Bun Sale for a school mascot: 30.9.18
  • PTA Fun-d Raiser Dick Whittington Pantomime: 4.12.18
  • PTA Fun-d Raiser Chocolate in Exchange for Non-Uniform for the Tombola: 5.12.18
  • TASS School Council Meeting; 6.11.18
  • PTA Fun-d Raiser Christmas Fayre, 3:30-5:30pm: 7.12.18
  • Y3 Journey to Bethlehem Visit: 7.12.18
  • Christmas Service at All Saints Church, 9:30am: 10.12.18
  • Christmas Lunch Day: 12.12.18
  • PTA Fun-d Raiser Christmas Discos: 12.12.18
  • Y3 Visit to Creswell Crags: 13.12.18
Our Vision
At Totley All Saints Church of England Primary School, we aim to be an exceptional school with Christian values at the very heart of the community. We are committed to providing a caring environment where every child can thrive & is supported to achieve their unique & amazing potential as a child of God.
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  2. 25MarParents' Evening 1 of 2
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  4. 20MayGovernors' Meeting
  5. 11JunNew to FS2 Parents' Meeting


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