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Parent QPupil questionnairePupil questionnairePupil questionnaireWe carry out a Parent & Pupil Questionnaire towards the end of each year in order to gauge what our children & their carers think. We then take great care in the analysis of this information & use it to make improvements wherever we can. This information is extremely valuable to us & helps us to make TASS an even better place to be!

Please note that due to the COVID19 Pandemic & partial school closures during national lockdowns, we have been unable to do our usual questionnaires.

We hope to resume this practice once things are back to normal! 


In order to find out what our pupils thought, please click on the following:

Pupil End of Year Questionnaire Feedback 2018-19

Pupil End of Year Questionnaire Feedback 2017-18

Pupil End of Year Questionnaire Feedback 2015-16

Pupil End of Year Questionnaire Feedback 2014-15

Pupil End of Year Questionnaire Feedback 2013-14

Pupil End of Year Questionnaire Feedback 2012-13


In order to find out what our parents thought, please click on:

Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2018-19

Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2017-18

Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2016-17

Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2015-16

Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2014-15

Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2013-14

Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2012-13

Parent Q









Please note that parents & carers can still use the online questionnaire, Parent View, which has replaced the paper questionnaires that Ofsted inspectors used to circulate at the time of a school inspection to gather parents’ views. The Parent View questionnaire can be accessed at any time (not just during an inspection) at:

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  • I really like TASS & it's the best school I've ever been to. Everyone is really kind & have helped me to settle in. In my last school we had lots of bullying but at TASS bullying is extinct!!
    —New Y6 Child
  • My daughter absolutely loves school & is delighted to be an Eco-Saint! We are very happy with her progress & think that the Merit teams & points are really effective!
    —Y2 Parents
  • Absolutely fantastic parents' evening! Really pleased with *** progress & how her teacher has brought her on. She's made so much progress in such a short time! Thanks so much!!
    —Y6 Parent
  • I can't thank the teachers enough for the support they have given *** in his first term. He has settled in so well & his teacher has already recognised his strengths & weaknesses. The school has such a positive attitude. We're really pleased that we chose TASS!
    —Y6 Parent
  • Really pleased with *** progress & ongoing development. She is happy at school & doesn't like to miss anything! We feel she has settled in really well considering her health issues. We would like to thanks everyone who helps her to manage her condition!!
    —FS2 (Reception) Parent
  • I feel that the work in Y6 is challenging & exciting for our son. He always comes home buzzing & can't wait to get on with his homework. I'm grateful to the school for everything that they've done for him!
    —Y6 Parent
  • We feel that the teachers, the head teacher & all the school staff have our children's bet interest at heart at all times. We appreciate everything that they do for our children!
    —Y1 & Y4 Parent
  • My child enjoys her school experience. She finds her learning environment supportive & fun. The teachers are warm & create an atmosphere where the children flourish. I have found my child's current teacher extremely approachable, visible & very positive!
    —Y2 Parent
  • My child has made a great start to school. I feel really well informed & am impressed with the standards of teaching!
    —Y3 Parent
  • I felt very confident that all three teachers really knew our children & were genuinely interested in them & what their individual needs were!
    —Y3,Y2 & Y1 Parent
  • (Class teacher) is outstanding! She knows our daughter extremely well & has kept us well informed on her progress! She is very supportive in every respect & really approachable!
    —Y5 Parent Comment
  • TASS is a kind & caring school that cares about us ourselves - not just our education - even though that's what school's about. We always have fun & I never go home wishing 'I wish I'd been at another school'!
    —Y6 Child – End of Year Comment
  • I felt very confident that all three teachers really knew our children & were genuinely interested in them.
    —Y3, 2 & 1 Parent
  • It’s been slightly difficult with us coming from another school. There was no way the teacher could have been told everything, but within just a couple of weeks we felt that she had gained an excellent understanding of our child. We couldn’t be happier with the support our child has been given during her first term at TASS! Thank you!
    —Y2 Parent
  • Excellent teaching! I can’t believe how much she has come on in Reading & Writing!
    —Y1 Parent
  • It’s lovely to be greeted by the teacher each morning & to be able to pass on messages when necessary!
    —FS2 Parent


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